Sunday, July 20, 2008

Songs of the Week: 29/08 + some thoughts on Murray and Coleman

  • Original Silence: "Argument Left Hanging - Rubber Cement" (Smalltown Superjazz)
  • Menya: "D.T.F." (Menya/TuneCore)
  • Constantines: "Our Age" (Arts & Crafts)
  • David Murray's Black Saint Quartet: live at Alexandrakjelleren, Molde, July 14., 2008
  • Ornette Coleman Quartet: "Lonely Woman", live at Bjørnsonhuset, Molde, July 15., 2008

Ok, so the last two are live, and Murray's a whole set. Fact: Murray was far more exciting and adventurous live than on his last record (which I like just fine, btw). The set was mostly new compositions plus a terrific version of "Murray's Steps" and a Monk-tune (which name escapes me at the time of writing. A bit embarrasing considring how much I love Monk) on bass clarinett. Luckily, the turn-out was good too, especially considering that no-one has covered him in the Norwegian press lately, as far as I can remember. Great quartet, with the always brillant Hamid Drake on drums. Jaribu Shahid (who's now a member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago) added groovy basslines, and Lafayette Gilchrist, whom I spoke to briefly after the show (genuinely nice guy), had a distinct hip-hop attack on his piano to add to his otherwise Andrew Hill influenced style.
Patti Smith joined Mr. Coleman on stage, reciting a poem I only could hear bits and pieces of, but which sounded like a tribute to the main man ("a new grammar" and "joining the ancient with the new" or something to that effect). Last year's Kongsberg gig was better, but this set was good too. Standing ovations at the end, deservedly so.

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