Friday, October 05, 2007

Against Me! and Future of the Left double bill

You may have noticed, if you ever pop by my favorites pages, that I like Against Me!'s New Wave. I really like it. One thing I noticed, which Steinar also picked up on, is that Tom Gabel sometimes sounds like D. Boon with his matter-of-fact lyrics and no fuss delivery. The opening couplet of "Americans Abroad" is especially Boon-like in the way he crams the words " Golden Arches rising above the next overpass / these horizons are endless" into a short space of time because he needs to say it. More on the Minutemen in the following posts (Or at least I plan to. I have a few thoughts on Mike Fournier's 33 1/3 book on Double Nickles... for one).

For now I'm looking forward to Against Me!'s upcoming gig in Oslo, where Future of the Left, whose Curses I've been listening to lately, are supporting.

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