Monday, December 18, 2006

Double Dee & Steinski

Girl Talk was responsible for one of the best live-performances of the year with his appearance at CMJ. Well, it was more like a great dj-set which acted like a gig. Anyway , his album, Night Rippper, was also quite fun to listen to, with its umpteen differnet tracks mixed into one big soup. But it suffered somewhat from not always relying upon a sustained beat, which made it difficult to shake your booty to.

No such problems with Double Dee & Steinski's 23 year-old "Lesson One" from 1983. They do share with Girl Talk having infringed numerous copyrights in order to make fun art. For a more in depth story on these pioneers click here or here, or just listen to the tracks that made them (in-)famous.


Ffonz said...

Hey man, can you upload those tracks again, I've been looking all over for em without much success.


Chris Monsen said...

They should be available again for a short time, now.


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