Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas cheers and so on

I'm off to the in-laws for Christmas. I have a few few things I want to say about the rockism vs. poptimism-quarrel which has re-surfaced yet again in the wake of Slate's year-end exchange, and continued on Zoilus' comment section. Rockism (or whatever you wanna call it; pop-bias?) was apparent in the Norwegian press' year-end lists too. It always has. So, much to be said and no time to say it, but watch this space during the next week and I may jot down a few thoughts on the subject.

Instead, let's have a few football (or soccer if you're state side) related laughs with Arseblog's truly excellent christmas tune sung by none other than Arsene Wenger Hawkins. Here you go, and merry X-mas.

PS: Maybe you'll enjoy this too - TBC Soundsystem's "Losing My Sledge"

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