Tuesday, November 28, 2006

David Murray

The Air-mp3 was a minor success, and since I still don't have much time to write longer pieces (will I ever again?), I'll give you another.

We'll keep it on the Jazz tip. Today, "B.T." from David Murray's debut as a leader, Low Class Conspiracy (Adelphi, 1976). Murray was 21 when he recorded this album, and while you can hear a bit of youthful audacity in his tone and approach, there are enough dynamics in the tunes to suggest an older sensibility. The album starts and closes with solo pieces - the first, "Extremininity", is a sax solo; the last, "Dedication To Jimmy Garrison" is a bass solo by Fred Hopkins (of Air-fame). In the three tracks in between, Murray and Hopkins are joined by drummer Phillip Wilson.

The music on Low Class... can be described as outer fringe post-bop. Murray's tone is reminiscent of Albert Ayler's at this stage, and Fred Hopkins' bouncy but solid bass keeps things moving along. Wilson's drumming is effective, and he never over elaborates. "B.T." is the shortest of the trio pieces. It is also the speediest, hence my affection for it, and should serve as a good introduction to the album.

Low Class Conspiracy is long out of print, but there are currently three copies available on vinyl through Gemm.com, prices starting at 11$.

If you experience any problems, please leave a comment. I may have to update the link. The track is lifted off a vinyl copy, so you may hear a hiss in the background. It will be up for a short time only. The Air-track is still available for a few days, so feel free to download.

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