Friday, November 24, 2006

Air Lore!

I'm extremely busy these days, so I figured I'd let the music do the talking today.

Here's "King Porter Stomp" from the absolutely fabulous Air Lore (Bluebird/RCA, 1979) by Air (no, not the French group). The album is a collection of improvisations over old-time standards by the likes of Jelly Roll Morton and Scott Joplin. Air (Fred Hopkins (bass), Steve McCall (drums), and Henry Threadgill (reeds)) were masters of small group improvisation, and their glorious interplay is almost unrivaled. Their joyful approach to the tunes on Air Lore, their dynamism, hard swing and willingness to let things rip, makes the old favorites sparkle like new even today. 80's revivalists, eat your hearts out. (The mp3 is up for a limited time only. Check out Gemm for used copied of Air Lore).

(There may be more mp3s available here in the future).

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