Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh, well.

My first list. Current 2005 faves. YEAH! (not that one):

1. The Hold Steady: Separation Sunday
2. M.I.A.: Arular
3. William Parker Quartet: Sound Unity
4. Edan: Beauty and the Beat
5. Sleater Kinney: The Woods
6. The Mountain Goats: The Sunset Tree
7. Clem Snide: The End of Love
8. The Ponys: Celebration Castle
9. Blueprint: 1988
10. The Go-Betweens: Oceans Apart
11. Art Brut: Bang Bang Rock & Roll
12. The Thunderbirds are Now: Justamoustache
13. Count Base-D: Begborrowsteal
14. Spoon: Gimme Fiction
15. The Perceptionists: Black Dialogue

More later.


Bill said...

YES! Edan's "Beauty and the Beat" is a fantastic album. One of the best hip hop albums in several years. Finally someone who cares equally about lyrics AND production. Nice list.

Chris Monsen said...

Thanx, mate

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