Sunday, June 12, 2005

i, Pod

So I'm slower than most people, but I recently acquired this amazing new thing called iPod. My scepticism about such mediums had to do with how I am (we are?) used to listen to music, that is with a sleeve in my hand and what not. Thing is, this won't stop me from buying records, which is what the biz fears, it just gets me around to listen to more music, hence I might end up buying even more records than before. The other pro is that I have been downloading deleted titles (latest: Gil Scott-Heron, 1980); where I before had to trust the recommendations before spendin 20$++ on for a vinyl issue, I can now get a listen before I go on a spending spree. No biggie, but It's good to get a taster anyway. My mate at pazzandjunk (see sidebar link) has been posting his faves so far this year, as does Mr. Matos and Tom Hull. I have promised many lists on the few posts I've written, so for now all I can say is that I have time off. Don't hold your breath, though.

Current faves (songs):

Hold Steady "Stevie Nix"
Clem Snide "Fill Me With Your Light"
Cobra Verde "I Feel Love"
Edan "Fumbeling Over Words That Rhyme"
Thunderbirds Are Now "Eat This City"
Love As Laughter "Coast To Coast"

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