Monday, August 08, 2011

Please support The Jazz Session

Friends and colleagues. Please give me a moment of your time.

The Jazz Session is a member-supported online interview show focusing on in-depth conversations with jazz musicians, and it is run solely by Jason Crane, jazz aficionado, poet and an all-round terrific guy. Since he started the project in 2007, Jason has interviewed a host of famous and up-and-coming jazz musicians such as Don Byron, Vijay Iyer, Mary Halvorson, Steve Lehman, Cecil McBee, Myra Melford, Jason Moran, William Parker, Matana Roberts, Matthew Shipp, Henry Threadgill, David S. Ware and, most recently, saxophonist Ingid Laubrock and drummer/composer Tyshawn Sorey. And those are only a select few of the many interviews available. My claim is that Jason Crane is doing some of the best work in the field of jazz journalism these days.

However, such work takes time and costs money, and so Jason has set up a membership program in order to keep it going. The goal has been to reach 100 members by the 300th show. The Sorey interview is the 299th, and he needs 20 more members by Thursday, when episode 300 becomes available. I urge you to head over to the Jazz Session site, have a listen or two (or more), and if it's to your taste and interest, become a member. The cheapest option is a mere 10$, which if you live in Norway, is about what two cups of coffee would cost you at a coffee shop. Make your coffee at home instead, donate the money you'd save to The Jazz Session, and we could be lucky and get even more great interviews with some of the best jazz musicians around today.

Thanks for your time.

Chris M

NB: A Listening Booth/summer jazz round-up will be posted here in the coming days, and hopefully more regular updates will appear from then on. There seems to be some light at the end of this tunnel, too.

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