Tuesday, March 01, 2011

EMP Pop Conf. 2011 Links + bits

The annual EMP Pop Conference took place this past weekend, much earlier in the year than it has done previously. I understand that Twitter has been the chosen arena for quick peaks into the goings on of the conference, but I try to stay far far from that place. Fortunately, Ned Raggett has posted longer notes from the weekend here, here and here.

Edit: Christgau has posted a report here.

A lot of thing has happened since I went vacationing a few weeks back, and generally spent as much time as possible offline. The Grammys, for example, but I'm not in the mood to write too much about that. I admire Spalding's talent, and I'm happy she won, but her music interests me very little - to me it's all chops, no substance. As for Arcade Fire, well theirs was easily my favorite album of the ones that were nominated.

Hoping to have a fresh Listening Booth up by early next week. Other than that, check out the recent links from the web, "Subject to Change", on the right hand column.


Anonymous said...

Thanks kindly for the link! Minor note -- my name is spelled Raggett, with two t's. Much thanks!

Chris Monsen said...

No worries, Ned, and apologies for the misspelling. Should be corrected now.


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