Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Voice Jazz Poll - Moran the same

The 2010 Voice Jazz Poll just went online, not surprisingly won by Jason Moran's well made, but not terribly exciting Ten (and I stand by my claim that the Monk cover is not very good at all). I find the choice a bit uninspired, but there you go. Nice to see Mary Halvorson, Henry Threadgill, Nels Cline and Mostly Other People do the Killing among the top 50, and Threadgill deservedly won best reissue.

Very disappointed, 'though, that Adam Lane's wonderful Ashcan Rantings nor Mark Lomax Trio's bluesy-and-kicking The State of Black America are not on the list at all. Was Tom Hull the only one voting for them? Lane's record was released late in the year (in November, if I remember correctly), so that may have played a part, and both his and Lomax's are on failry small labels and may have limited review copies available, but surely records as good as these must have been picked up by a few others ("go buy a copy, you tight ass") and my disapointment stands nevertheless (naturally, differences in taste come into play as well. I'm just being a bit of an ass here to get my feelings accross). I guess it is up to mr. Hull and myself to continue to spread the word about these two very good records.

EDIT: just got around to the individual ballots, and both Troy Collins and Jeff Stockton have Ashcan... in their top 10s, Ludwig van Trikt have Lomax' as his third favorite of 2010.

Comments on the year in jazz by Tom Hull can be accessed here, and his thoughts on the poll itself here. Good comments regarding review copies, or "who gets what", and we seem to be on the same page re: Moran. Some of his older records are very good indeed.

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