Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marion Brown, R.I.P.

Just learned that altoist Marion Brown passed away on Oct. 10th last week. One of the (many, admittedly) forgotten men of the 60s avant garde/New Thing movement, he is perhaps best know for having played on Archie Shepp's Fire Music (1965) and Attica Blues (1972), as well as John Coltrane's Ascension (1965. All on Impulse!), but he had a substantial career as a leader, too. Though as with so much important avant garde jazz from the late 60s, 70s and onwards, the recordings are hard to come by. His very fine album Why Not?, recorded for ESP in 1966 with such notables as Rashied Ali on drums, Sirone on bass, and Stanley Cowell on piano, has just recently been re-released on CD, and is well worth checking out. The only other records that seem to be in print is his debut, Three For Shepp (Impulse!), an ECM release with Anthony Braxton, among others, and Offering from 1993.

Clifford Allen has posted an interview with Marion Brown on his blog, and there is also an interview form 2003 on All About Jazz.

Edit: WKCR are currently having a 24 hour memorial broadcast in Marion's honor.

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