Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Listmania, Nate's a mate, & more

NY Times' Nate Chinen's 2009 list proves that the expressions of values, emotions and attitudes he looks for in music is not found merely within one "field" (I'm loathe to use "genre") of music. This is a view that seems to be a rarity among jazz-based music writers, who perhaps are just being protective of their field of expertise, which is understandable. We wish to make the point that jazz can be and still is a relevant music today. However, I think Chinen's juxtaposition of different types of musical expressions in his 2009-list argues that point in a more convincing way than "genre" specific ones.

Nate's picks are interesting in their own right, too. The only record I don't like particularly well is the Grizzly Bear one, though I'm yet to hear Fly's Sky & Coutry. Brad Paisly's "Then", Sonic Youth's "Antenna" and Miranda Lambert's "Making Plans" are all my favorite songs off their respective recent records, too.

The only other jazz-based writer I can think of off the top of my hat who seems to think about music in a similarly "all-inclusive" way is mr. Tom Hull (see e.g. his Pazz & Jop ballot).

Ironically, just to regress to the genre specific, I plan to post my year in jazz here in a few days time. I don't think I'll bother with a decade overview. My much touted 25 anniversary celebration of 1984 will have to wait a bit because of technical issues, but it's pretty much finished.

'Til then, happy holidays!

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