Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mike Reed's People, Places & Things - About Us

While we're waiting for the official release of exciting young drummer/composer Mike Reed's new offering, About Us, this post is to let you know that the entire album can be streamed from his homepage here (or click the image above).

First impressions: bloody good, as the English might put it. Mostly a bit slower tempo wise than the more ferocious Proliferation, a record I liked a lot, so I'm thinking while the previous record was inspired by Chicago's hard boppers such as Wilbur Ware and Johnny Griffin, perhaps this is a nod to more orchestrated Chicagoans such as Sun Ra and Muhal Richard Abrams. I'm just guessing. That said, there are enough uptempo tracks on About Us to convince me that Reed's inspirations are split pretty evenly between the two PP&T records.

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