Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Summer of Oh Nine

Now that the annual Øya hoolabaloo is upon us, and since I've written very litle since Molde Jazz, I thought a quick Music of the Weeks (yes, plural), or rather summer, would be apropriate. A separate Øya review may or may not appear later.

  • Cecil Taylor - solo piano live @ Molde Jazz, 15/07/09
  • Frode Gjerstad (saxophone) & Han Bennik (drums) - live @ Molde Jazz, 16/07/09
  • Leonard Cohen - live @ Molde Jazz, 17/07/09 + Live In London (Sony)
  • Mario Pavone Double Tenor Quintet - live @ molde Jazz, 17/07/09
  • New York Dolls - live @ Rockefeler Music Hall, Oslo
  • Dj Quik & Kurupt: Blaqkout (Mad Science)
  • Quartet Offensive: Carnivore (self released)
  • Pissed Jeans: King of Jeans (Sub Pop)
  • White Denim: "I Start to Run" (Fits, Full Time Hobby)
  • An Horse: "Postcards" (Rearrange Beds, Mom & Pop Music)

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