Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carl Wilson on speech & music, plus rare Air recordings.

Fantastic post by Carl Wilson (Zoilus) where he goes through some of the most notable efforts made by musicians to transform the human speech into music (or connect human speech and music). He has also posted some videoes and sound bites for further insight. It's like the blogging of old, when we had had the time and took the effort to write longer posts on interesting themes.

Not completely unrelated, the other week I came across some rare rocordings of Air with the poet Amiri Baraka (thanks to the Rare Music Curator) made by German radio. I've been able to separate those recordings from the podcast and have uploaded them for your listening pleasure. In my opinion, they represent a fairly successful marriage of poetry and jazz, much due to Baraka's reading, since he seems to be in tune with th music, raisng his voice and tempo according to the music as well as the words (much like a singer would, mind you, althoug Baraka does not sing).

Air (Fred Hopkins, Steve McCall, Henry Threadgill) feat. Amiri Baraka, 20. March, 1982 Koln, Germany, WDR radio broadacast:

"I Love Music"

"Against Bourgeois Art"

"Class Struggle In Music"

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