Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pazz & Jop '08: where's the pazz?

Pazz & Jop '08 results are up. Quick thoughts: agree with the winner, 'though I'm dissapointed with the lack of jazz (pazz) on the list. Glad to see MOPDtK and Vijay Iyer get a couple of votes, as well as Sonny Rollins (highest placed jazz record, as far as I can tell, on no. 215). William Parker too, but not the album I preferred. It may have to do with the (sad) fact that jazz criticism has increasingly become a field of specialists, and it does highten the importance of the VV jazz poll. Maybe they weren't asked or maybe they didn't bother. It is a bit sad, really, that the fields have to be separated, but that's how it has come to be (and has been for a while, admittedly). A qiuck browse reveal that at least Tom Hull carries a torch for both (new) jazz and rock/pop (but we knew that), and one Martin johnson, plus a few others, seem to be of similar interest. But are we a dying breed?

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