Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reissues + Idolator's thing-a-ma-jig

Forgot to list reissues (jazz) yeaterday, 'though in my defence I've not made enough of an effort to follow the flow of reissues this year, jazz or otherwise. In some cases I've not even listened to the reissue if I own an older issue of the album. Out of those I have picked up, they would rank something like this:
  1. Thelonious Monk Trio: Thelonious Monk Trio (1952-54, Prestige)
  2. Charlie Mingus: Tijuana Moods (1957, RCA Victor/Legacy)
  3. Alber Ayler: The Hilversum Sessions (1964, ESP)
  4. William Parker & Hamid Drake: First Communion + Piercing The Veil (2000, AUM Fidelity)
  5. Andrew Hill: Compulsion (1965, Blue Note)

As a side note, I just want to mention that Black Saint relaunched their online music store last year, and while they are not actually reissues, many of the records in their great catalogue have not been widely available for some time (The same is true of a few other lables as well, e.g. Candid).

I also noticed that my 2007 list is part of Tom Hull's Year End Mop Up, which I take as an honor and proof that someone is still reading my blog. Thanks, sir.

Idolator's 2007 Poll.

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