Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dissensus, jazz style-e

In discussing the results of Destination-Out!'s 90s jazz poll to which I contributed earlier this year, a friend and colleague noted that although he found it a fun and interesting exercise, he was a bit disappointed in the lack of consensus among the contributors; very few records got more than one vote. If I understood him correctly, he felt that this made it difficult to find a common base to work from when discussing music, in this particular circumstance 90's jazz.

Why do I mention this? Well, PopMatters have posted their Best Jazz of 2007-list, and none of their top 12 (!?!) records are similar to my picks of the year. 'Though I'm certainly going to give the Robert Glasper record another spin, and the Joe Lovano and Hank Jones collab is fine enough, but the other records failed to grab my attention this year (sorry, Mr. Cline). Let's agree to disagree, then.

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