Friday, July 20, 2007

Molde Jazz, 2007

Ok, this is going to be fast and furious, but let me just give you a few thoughts on the festival so far.

I had originally not planned on going this year, for various reasons. Hence I had not studied the program thoroughly and I regret that now. I arrived on Wednesday evening, and by then I had missed Dave Holland, Vijay Iyer, and Alexander von Schlippenbach's Monk's Casino. Bummer. Add to those a joint project between Nils Petter Molvær and Bill Laswell, Sonore (a Brötzmann, Vandermark, Gustafson blowing session), plus the Rashied Ali Quintet, and Chick Corea and Gary Burton (not interrested), and you have a pretty decent program. I have previously stated that I thought Kongsberg was about to surpass Molde Jazz as Norway's best jazz festival, but Ornette Coleman and some promising youngsters apart, as a whole Kongsberg loses this year.

I'm baffeled, though, how Dave Holland's bio keeps reading "played with Miles Davies on so-and-so". Valuable as that info is - particularly to gain the attention of novices I guess - Holland has by now built his own impressive catalogue. His fluid bass style is pretty unique, and his records continue to recieve critical acclaim, though I still hold the great Conference of the Birds as my personal favorite.

Went to see a double bill last night: Elvis Costello and Allan Toussaint opened up for Steely Dan. more on that later, hopefully.

Tonight, Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet. Can't afford the Wayne Shorter ticket.

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