Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"I also plan to blog more often, though lots of plans go haywire and this one might too. We shall see."

Sez Matos, along with quite a few other things. I could just as well apply it to myself, that quote, but will I be able to emulate this guy's run?

I sat down the other day and flicked through a couple of my earliest posts here. Some of them are pretty embarrassing, I must admit. But my writing has improved since, I think, so in that respect I'm pleased with the progress of the blog.

But I do regret not having enough time to write more and longer pieces. There's surely enough material and news out there to offer my view upon, but somehow finding the time to write something intelligent has become more difficult. Partly it's because I'm simply not content with just throwing down a few words anymore - one reason why my writing has improved is because I've become better at editing myself.

While some plan to write more, others are taking an hiatus, Woebot being the latest to announce one. I've recently been asked to contribute on other projects, so we'll see how that will influence Perfect Sounds in the future, but hopefully I'll be able to blog on a frequent basis. We shall see.

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