Friday, September 22, 2006

Boys and Girls pt. 2

Is it just me, or is Justin bragging more on his new album than he used to? Not that he's not entitled to, but in my opinion his slick flirting ("Gentlemen, good night / Ladies? Good morning") is better than his boasting ("We're talkin' one of the greatest / who did it before"). But he still nails it when it comes to describing a purty lady's effect on him, especially the one that has him Love Stoned.

Can you count AND dance, btw? These girls can, but I'm still not convinced by their Romantics cover. I mean, you can't top the original, can you?

The new Hold Steady sounds great. A bit more trad song structures and singing, less 80's guitar crunch. But the story telling and the solid rock beat is still intact.

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