Saturday, August 05, 2006

Meat Loaf and Marion: Like a Raven out of Hell

What an utterly charming trio. Desmond Child on Marion: "We had been looking for a duet partner, and there was something about Marion...she's mystical, she's's icy but she's warm. She's fun but she's also really deep. It seemed like a natural fit, it just...everything fell into place. She was meant to do it".

If you say so, Desmond. You should see his eyebrows lift when he says "icy" aprox 5.39 into this short documentary. He gets the chills, I tell ya.

Someone said that the new Killers song "When You Were Young" sounds a bit like old Meat Loaf. Not completely off the mark, especially the bridge and the lift-up towards the end. Could this be the old Loaf's year?

(Photo nicked from S-FJ's site. Hope you don't mind)

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