Monday, July 10, 2006

I bet you rock good on the dancefloor

I was wondering if Erase Errata could step it up after two promising records. It seems they can. Their new record Night Life (to be released on July 25 on Kill Rock Stars) has enjoyed heavy rotation on my iPod lately, and right now I can think of few bands that have rocked with as much conviction so far this year. They are incredibly precise, yet maintain just the right amount of bouncy looseness (for lack of a better phrase) and experimental glee. They emphasize instrumental interplay over lead-plus-comp; The guitars switch between chk-chk and melody, the bass between boom-boom and melody, and they do so without creating any mess. This kind of politics-in-instrumentation sets them neatly together with free jazz and post-punk, both of which influences can be heard in Erase's music. Still, they also churn out danceable grooves, as on the cowbell-ridden (!!!) and current fave track "Tax Dollar" (mp3 courtesy of Kill Rock Stars). I've danced to politics before, I can do it again. (Picture copied from their Myspace-site).

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