Sunday, July 02, 2006

History Lesson pt.1/...Then we take Berlin

I got my copy of We Jam Econo last week. It is low-key, warm, heartfelt, made econo. Many, many people, fellow musicians, writers, fans, show their respects. But we're mainly being guided by Mike Watt, who comes across as an utterly nice, contemplative guy. I had the luxury of speaking with him for about half an hour back in 2001 when he was visiting Oslo with J. Mascis. Back then he was almost childishly eager to discuss Ibsen, of which topic I could contribute, and Japanese punk rock, of which he did most of the talking. He seems calmer on camera. Maybe it's just that he has D. Boon at the back of his mind throughout the interviews.

The film may be most interesting to those who are already familiar with the Minutemen and their fabulous music. But if it has one thing to offer others as well, it's the story of how this group of people fought the established codes and biases of a counter culture they believed, and hoped, to be without such evils. Plus, the live shows on the bonus disk are amazing, even if the sound could be a whole lot better.

Off to Berlin for a short week. It will be würst and weissbier. Or perhaps coke and coke. It will definitely be fussball. Vive le France.

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