Monday, March 13, 2006


If you have heard Soul Jazz' New York Noise Vol.2 you may have noticed "Hunter Gatherer" by Mofungo, a New York four-piece once described by Robert Christgau as having a "stubbornly untrendy belief that you play music for love, with some well-aimed hate thrown in". Although NY Noise Vol.2 is more erratic than its predecessor, I recommend you consider checking out more of Mofungo. Their jagged folk/punk/jazz may be a tough listen, but I find their blend of noise and tune engaging, and most of their lyrical kicks both smart and funny.

Unfortunately, all of their records are out of print (search Gemm for used copies), but on a website called "Lost Records" you'll be able to get mp3's of what would have been their final album. My current faves are the danceable drug-war tune "Tobacco Road" (mp3) and an equally funky one about the immigrant/homeless "Boll Weevil" ("snutebille" in Norwegian) (mp3).

Albums of note: Frederick Douglass (Twin/Tone/Coyote, 1985), named after the famous black abolitionist, and Bugged (1988) and Work (1989), both released on SST.

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infiniteregress said...

Bless your blogging heart. I was beginning to think I wouldn't find Mofungo mp3s anywhere.

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