Saturday, November 12, 2005

People are drunk...


Note to self: Never write posts while drinkng.


jonas said...

if steve mcqueen is a guilty pleasure, lock me up and throw away the key

Drunken Master Andreas said...

Drunk indeed... Her er lista mi Chris.
1.I am a bird now - Antony
2.I'm wide awake it's morning-Bright Eyes
3.Woods-Sleater Kinney
4.Illnoise-Sufjan Stevens
5.Feels-Animal Collective
6.Celebration Castle-The Ponys
7.Worlds Apart-..Trail Of Dead
8.Cripple Crow-Devendra Banhart
9.Silent Alarm-Bloc Party
10. Down In Albion-Babyshambles
11.Seperation Sunday-Hold Steady
12.You're A Woman, I'm A Machine-DFA 1979
13.Just A Mustache-Thunderbirds Are Now
14.Tak...-Sigur Ros
15.Z-My Morning Jacket

....go figure

Anonymous said...

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