Thursday, September 08, 2005

Musical comfort

As a result of the catastrophe in and around area of New Orleans, I have been listening to music inspired by or made in New Orleans. Not that it lessens the tragedy in any way, certainly not not for the victims; it was more a subconscious thing. It started with Randy Newman's "Louisiana 1927" off his Good Old Boys record. The song remembers the flood in Louisiana of that year. In turn, I listened to Louis Armstrong, "King" Oliver, and "Jelly Roll" Morton, before, in keeping with my constant revising of my jazz library, I picked up Duke Ellington's own New Orleans tribute from 1970, New Orleans Suite, and found it very enjoyable. I have always preferred his flaming youth, as well as some of his longer 50's records, but although it lacks the guts and glory of earlier Ellington, New Orleans Suite is as elegant as any of his better known albums, and a fine tribute to a city so rich in musical history.

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