Friday, August 12, 2005

Øya 2005

So, this years Oya festival, the most rockist festival of the lot, has just started rolling. Small club gigs on Wednesday set the thing off, with my chums in Accidents Never Happen being the sole band I bothered to go and see, while Eirik is raving about The Cocktail Slippers. I obviously missed out on something.

Yesterday (Thursday) was the opening day at the festival site. With rain and a gawdawful line-up setting the mood. I was charmed by the young girls in Mary Me Young; their bubble gum-punk is not original, but it is good humored, and I can't say "no" to a song proclaiming the love for chocolate. The bar was raised considerably when the old dudes in Dinosaur Jr. entereded the stage, and rescued the day from oblivion. Their energy was contagiousus and I was left feeling sixteen again, and I wished I had a joint, ...or something. Needless to say, it was a better reunion than the Pixies one, and they also reaffirmed my love for (power-) trios.

Speaking of trios, I'm off to see the amazing Thing, the Nilssen-Love/Haaker Flaten/Gustafsson combo. Expecting powerful stuff, and possibly Thurston Moore as a member of the audience.

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