Monday, July 04, 2005

Never too much...

So, the Live 8 hoolabaloo went well, according to sources. My friend at did a piece on it before the weekend, and I have little to add to this. For non-norwegian users, I refer you to his links in the piece for other essays on the subject.
One big news item this weekend was the passing away of the great Luther Vandross. In the early eighties he was one of the best voices in contemporary soul, and his first albums are pretty good. Although his career went downhill from there as far as I'm concerned, he retained a strong fanbase and will be remebered as a big soul star. Nelson George has written a few lines on his website
On another subject: since I started my Jazz section (see sidebar) a while ago, I've been trying to listen to as many of my jazz albums as possible in order to reasses how I would rate them. I'll post more records and grades during the next few weeks.

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